Feeling overwhelmed choosing a wedding photographer?

Don’t worry – we understand. Having recently been through the process ourselves (an even tougher gig for a photographer to find another photographer), we’ve penned some handy tips to help you make a confident choice.


Top tips for choosing a wedding photographer
#1 Style First and foremost, check out as many different photographers’ portfolios as you can. You know what speaks to you best. Make a short list and contact them to check availability.

#2 Meet up Schedule to meet up with your top picks. Style is a huge part, however personality and professionalism are almost as important. You will be sharing one of the most intimate days of your life with your photographer, so feeling comfortable is really important (think about when you’re getting ready and the moment before you walk into the ceremony!).

#3 Coverage Find out what packages the photographer offers. Often they will have a range of options from ‘essentials’ (i.e. selection of high resolution edited images on disk) to ‘the lot’ (ie albums, prints, online gallery, additional retouching) and everything in between. Work out what your budget will allow, remembering these are the moments you will share visually with future family – you want them to be timeless and last generations.

#4 Editing Photographing your wedding day isn’t where a photographer’s work ends. ‘Post-production’ or the process of selecting and snazzing up your images, is where the majority of a good photographer’s time is spent. Find out what your photographer does during this stage and what their retouching experience is. What you don’t want is a generic treatment to all your pictures so they can be delivered quickly.

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Can we have a no-strings-attached meeting to find out more?

We are happy to meet up and discuss any questions you have about photography, our style and packages. It’s also an opportunity to see if you are comfortable working with us – important for getting great pics! 

Engagement shoots – do you do them?

Yes. An engagement shoot is included in our premium package. If our packages don’t cover exactly what you’d like – feel free to pick and choose from our ‘on the side’ options. Email us for more.

How long does it take to get the photos?

We take 3-4 weeks to deliver the final selection of edited digital images. If you’re getting an album or enlargements, you pick your top images. It then it takes an additional 4-6 weeks to create. 

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